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Westford Regency charity fashion show promotes suicide prevention

Charity Fashion Show
Charity Fashion Show

The Westford Regency Charity Fashion Show concluded its seventh installment with a notable change — a winning poster by Amon Leon, a Pepperell sophomore whose design brought unprecedented attention to the event. Amon’s bold interpretation of modern fashion symbolizing the show’s charitable cause resulted in a highly successful event with increased attendees and donations.

This year, the Fashion Show partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital to promote suicide prevention, attracting top designers nationwide. The crowd witnessed a melange of colors and innovative designs, from glamorous evening wear to chic casuals. Ticket sales and donations from the event will directly contribute to the hospital’s work in promoting mental health among youth.

The event, hosted on May 18, 2024, at Blackstone Valley Technical High School, highlighted the students’ artistic prowess. Leon’s vibrant poster design was highly appreciated, fueling his passion for art and serving as a significant milestone on his artistic journey.

Promoting suicide prevention through fashion

Leon’s dedication to suicide prevention is reflected in the energy he put into his poster. Not only did his work win the competition, but it also contributed to the event’s promotional outreach and the broader societal issue of suicide prevention. It stood as a testament to his commitment to the cause and the collective effort to raise awareness about suicide prevention.

Co-host Laurie Dillon emphasized that the show’s success resulted from the collective efforts of every participant, speaker, and volunteer. She also highlighted the importance of personal stories in advocating for suicide prevention and fostering a supportive community.

Dillon and fellow co-host Jodie Lasonde are keen on future collaborations with Nathan Meharg’s Design & Visual class at Nashoba Valley Technical High School. They believe in the potential of these young talents and view their contributions as invaluable to the event’s continued success.

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