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Using Wikipedia to Promote Brand Awareness: How To?

brand awareness wikipedia

Since its inception, Wikipedia has become one of the most preferred information sources on the internet. Successful businesses flock to the platform to promote brand awareness Wikipedia and market their services.

Moreover, online searchers don’t go through millions of web pages to find information about something. In fact, they simply visit Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, to learn what they want. The fact that Wikipedia is a great source to promote brand awareness is a shocker for some.

Why brand awareness with Wikipedia?

Arguably, Wikipedia is a platform that ranks for about half of the searches made online.

It is mainly because internet users, businesses, marketers, and content creators, link to Wikipedia pages worldwide. This information hub has been one of the favorite information sources for millions of people.

Regardless of the topic, Wikipedia refers to a neutral and trustworthy information source for virtually everything. There are multiple reasons to use Wikipedia for your business. Some of the reasons include the following:

  • Brand Awareness with Wikipedia improves your business’ reliability and trust.
  • It can help you to increase your website traffic significantly.
  • Wikipedia is a free tool to improve your online presence and brand awareness globally.
  • You can access, upgrade, and modify information about your business as per needs.

Above all, Google also utilizes Wikipedia for its Knowledge Graph big part.

How to promote brand awareness with Wikipedia?

A quick look at any top-notch corporation or business reveals that they are more likely listed on Wikipedia. You can also promote brand awareness Wikipedia to become a well-recognized business.

Here is how you can extend your business reach and promote brand awareness Wikipedia:

Does your business page already exist on Wikipedia?

Even though it seems pretty obvious, still, you must do research before getting into the hefty process. Ensure Wikipedia doesn’t have a page about your business or brand already. As anyone can create and edit Wikipedia pages, there is a possibility for this.

If it’s here, then closely read the information given and find the opportunities for expansion or improvement. Fortunately, modifying an existing page is easier than creating it from the start.

Create your profile

Wikipedia ranks for about 99% of searches on the first page. Most importantly, it appears on the top for about 56% of these searches. So, you must put some effort into creating your business page on Wikipedia.

However, if you have to start the process yourself:

  • Create a Wikipedia account and set up your brief yet crisp profile.
  • Use this profile to highlight your business, and don’t forget to share quality images.
  • Don’t dive impulsively into creating your business page after creating your Wikipedia profile.

Instead, build your credibility and then start the process of creating a business page on Wikipedia. Otherwise, it will be rejected quickly. The best way to build credibility is to contribute to various articles under your username. This practice will make the platform identify you as a trusted entity. Then you can start creating a business page on Wikipedia.

Find credible citations

Wikipedia is dedicated to reflecting credible and high-quality topics coverage. You can’t self-promote or self-link on Wikipedia.

  • Including third-party, credible sources are vital to creating a Wikipedia page and improving your brand awareness.
  • These sources include blogs, news articles, magazines, forums, etc.
  • Ensure to add authentic information only on the company pages of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia editors usually prefer to approve pages with independent citations.

Research and scope out different industry areas

Research the companies and organizations working in your expertise areas. Then see if these organizations have established their Wikipedia pages.

  • For this, you can simply make a quick search with the company name and explore the results you get.
  • If Wikipedia already has information about your industry, simply create a relevant topic page.
  • Then add entries that will serve as citations for your business.

Important note:

You can also repurpose the old content there and integrate that into your article for Wikipedia as a citation.

Become a contributor or develop a relationship with others on Wikipedia

Joining the community before creating your Wikipedia page is imperative. Before creating your business articles, contribute to the other industry-related pages available.

  • Creating and adding relevant pages of your niche will help you to learn and polish your editing skills.
  • Writing an article means becoming a part of a huge community on Wikipedia.

Everything you do to create an article will be visible to other community members here. Everyone will judge your information based on their own criteria.

  • These merits generally include your grip on the subject, clarity in writing, and how engagingly you provide information.

You can develop positive relationships with others by creating and promoting discussions on your page. This practice is vital to let Wikipedia understand that people care about your provided information.

Don’t forget to Leverage the power of Wikipedia backlinks. Wikipedia backlinks contain more weight and can build link diversity and improve brand awareness. For best practice:

  • Avoid spamming links into your page’s external link section. Instead, use it in the article’s context.
  • Always use the link that contains topic-related information to support your content. Links on Wikipedia work as references.
  • Your link must be from a reliable source, such as a magazine, news article, etc.

Monitor your Wikipedia presence regularly

Now that you have established your presence on Wikipedia, it’s imperative to monitor it regularly. Wikipedia is an open-source platform. Therefore, anyone can modify the information available here.

It isn’t necessary to visit your Wikipedia article daily for monitoring. Instead, enable Wikipedia notifications and get an alert whenever a change happens to your article.

Bonus Tips:

  • Don’t use your Wikipedia page as a promotional tool. In fact, provide vital information by staying neutral. Use Wikipedia to promote brand awareness, not market your business.
  • Promote discussions on your Wikipedia page actively. These will let Wikipedia knows that people are interested in your article.
  • Be concise and insightful, and your purpose should be to inform your users.

Final Verdict

Although creating a Wikipedia page for your business is possible, but the process isn’t simple. However, it is worth the efforts you make for this. So, always work hard and appropriately to promote brand awareness with Wikipedia effectively.

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