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Spotlight on Acxiom: Data and Ethics

As has been widely reported, the London-based non-profit advocacy group Privacy International last week filed a series of GDPR-based lawsuits against a list of companies involved in consumer data processing, credit management, and targeted advertising, including Acxiom, alongside Experian, Oracle, and others. In this telephone conversation with DMN Editor-in-Chief Kim Davis, Jordan Abbott, head of data ethics at Acxiom, describes the company’s place in the data eco-system. Without commenting on legal proceedings, he describes the increasingly pressurized regulatory environment, and Acxiom’s long-standing commitment to ethical data use. “At the end of the day, we’ve got to put the consumer at the forefront of our data use…Is the proposed use fair?”

Click on the Acxiom banner above to find all our Data Privacy Week articles, and articles on the topic from earlier this year.

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