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San Francisco team introduces energy-efficient HVAC system ‘Quilt’

"Quilt HVAC System"
“Quilt HVAC System”

The San Francisco industrial design team of Mike&Maaike is joining forces with a heating and cooling technology start-up to revolutionize HVAC systems with a product named “Quilt“.

“Quilt” is a unique HVAC system with functionality and simplicity at its heart, boasting a refreshing design that promises to disrupt the conventional perception of HVAC systems globally.

Striking a balance between technology, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal, the partnership aims to reshape norms within the industry.

One of Quilt’s primary features is its embrace of energy-saving ductless heat pump technology. This technology, popular in European and Asian markets, signals a global shift towards more environmentally responsible choices within the industry.

The Quilt departs from regular mini-split units by offering personalization to gel with varying home aesthetics.

Introducing ‘Quilt’: Aesthetic, efficient HVAC system

Available in a White Oak veneer front panel or a pristine white color, the Quilt aims to cater to a diverse range of visual preferences.

In addition to its visual appeal, the Quilt’s added attributes include fluted detailing, low noise level, and compact size, making it an ideal fit for small spaces.

The device features a ‘Quilt Dial’ smart thermostat that can be wall-mounted or stand alone. The Quilt Dial allows for remote operation through a dedicated app, providing scheduling, energy-saving modes, and energy tracking features.

Finally, Quilt boasts an outdoor condenser unit with a sleek matte black finish, operating at a moderate noise level. Earning the “Energy Star Most Efficient system” title, Quilt’s impressive energy ratings are evidenced by its SEER2: 25 rating and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor 2 of 11.

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