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RISD debuts multidisciplinary exhibit in Milan

"Multidisciplinary Exhibit"
“Multidisciplinary Exhibit”

The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) will debut its multidisciplinary exhibit, Objects May Shift, at Salone del Mobile from April 16 to 21. The exhibition will be a RISD milestone in Milan, Italy.

Visitors at Salone del Mobile will have the opportunity to explore this diverse showcase of works from talented RISD students and faculty at booth A10. The exhibition features a unique overlap of design, art, and innovation.

Objects May Shift results from collaborative efforts from students across various disciplines. Guided by the Fine Arts and Architecture & Design departments, the project explores our evolving relationship with home interiors.

The student’s creative process involved intensive research and idea generation, resulting in unique art and design pieces that provoke thoughts and reinterpret the concept of “home. This project drew significant influence from the lifestyle shifts imposed by the pandemic.

Twenty students from seven fields of study participated in a demanding studio course, Topics in Exhibition.

Unveiling RISD’s multidisciplinary Milan exhibit

Guided by Anais Missakian and Pete Oyler, they created tangible works that pushed the boundaries of traditional exhibition practices, using a variety of mediums.

Objects May Shift invites observers to engage with an ever-evolving world. It presents an array of works across different fields like graphic design, fine arts, furniture, and textiles. Each piece represents a boundary-pushing concept, encouraging exploration of the relationship between creativity and materiality.

RISD President Crystal Williams praised Objects May Shift’s contributions to students’ learning experience. She appreciated the project’s interdisciplinarity and expressed that it had fostered innovative problem-solving skills among the students.

Objects May Shift aims to reshape our understanding of the ordinary, drawing attention to the intersection between art and design in everyday settings. In a world of constant change, this initiative’s relevance continues to grow, ready to turn the mundane into extraordinary.

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