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Opulence font: A new chapter in adaptable typeface

"Opulence Chapter"
“Opulence Chapter”

Online design studio XYZ Type recently unveiled an exclusively crafted font for Polymode Studios. This font is unique in its ability to dynamically adapt to the studio’s eclectic design practices and graphic character, setting a new benchmark for versatility in typeface design.

The bespoke font was conceived in response to Polymode’s desire for a typeface mirroring its unique work ethos. Renowned as a trailblazing queer and minority-led design studio, Polymode’s signature style and progressive approach are beautifully encapsulated in the new font.

The creative journey began with XYZ Type’s deliberate inquiry into the core need for a custom typeface. Through constant interaction with Polymode and studying their existing work, the dynamically adaptable font started taking shape. The goal was to tailor a typeface that reflects Polymode’s innovative identity while being flexible enough for various design mediums.

Given Polymode’s myriad projects, the font needed to be adaptable and versatile while also mirroring the brand’s unique tone. Designers at XYZ Type faced this challenge to create a typeface that was not only multifunctional but also true to the brand’s narrative.

Crafting Opulence: A dynamic, adaptable typeface journey

An exclusive typeface enhances the brand’s visual identity and communication.

The preliminary font, dubbed “Acting Basic,” gradually morphed into a more robust variant named “Opulence” through collective brainstorming and creativity sessions. The process uncovered the flexibility potential of “Acting Basic,” leading to a more comprehensive understanding of font transformability.

In pursuing versatile design, the teams explored adaptive design, using variable font technology to augment customization. Consequently, a user-friendly and adaptable custom font was born.

With the official launch of the “Opulence” font, an important milestone was achieved not just for XYZ Type and Polymode but for the entire typeface design industry. It symbolized a new era in adaptability and design.

The creative process for the custom font involved XYZ Type incorporating a myriad of influences from Polymode, the notable one being the transformation of an American Type Founders specimen called Lining Gothic. Thus, a truly dynamic, customizable font was birthed for Polymode Studios, marking significant progress in the use of flexible font technology.

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