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Omnicom, Trade Desk unite for efficient DSP solutions

"Omnicom Trade Desk"
“Omnicom Trade Desk”

Omnicom, in alliance with The Trade Desk, plans to offer original investment solutions exclusive to Omnicom’s clientele on the Demand Side Platform (DSP). Intending to streamline The Trade Desk’s streaming TV data with Flywheel’s commerce data, this partnership aims to enhance planning flows and diminish redundancies.

This strategic agreement grants Omnicom’s customers refined audience targeting over various platforms. Optimizing multiple datasets is enabled, accelerating decision-making and increasing campaign efficiency. Aided by this partnership, Omnicom is committed to delivering innovative digital marketing solutions for its clients.

Clients, including Megan Pagliuca, Omnicom Media Group’s Chief Activation Officer, report direct benefits from this solution. The venture aims to improve the effectiveness of Connected TV (CTV) investments. With The Trade Desk recording about 3 trillion monthly streaming impressions, brands can make informed CTV advertising decisions.

Engineers from both companies strive to develop bespoke solutions based on client needs.

Omnicom and Trade Desk’s strategic DSP partnership

Future plans include using The Trade Desk data and Flywheel commerce cloud signals to enhance audio and outdoor platforms. The ultimate objective is optimization driven by sales data.

Clarissa Season, Chief Experience Officer at Annalect, values the partnership’s positive impact on budget planning. The collaboration aims to identify unique reach, avoid overexposure, and measure backend influence for strong client ROI. Annalect aims to maximize its clients’ reach and lessen the likelihood of overexposure.

According to Jed Dederick, The Trade Desk’s Chief Revenue Officer, Accurate CTV prognostic data is essential to advertisers. This information offers a personalized and efficient advertising experience. Integrating customized bid optimization is a significant step in enhancing brand visibility and fostering revenue growth.

Uber’s Global Head of Media, Lee Walsh, applauds the partnership between The Trade Desk and Omnicom Group. He notes that this collaboration will enhance programmatic buying capabilities, generate higher efficiency, and provide greater control over cross-publisher frequency capping, which will significantly reduce wasted impressions.

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