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Money Mailer enters partnership for online coupons

Direct marketer Money Mailer announced today it will partner with Coupons Inc. to offer its coupons online.

“Money Mailer’s business clients nationwide are now able to share their savings opportunities with many more local consumers via Coupons Inc.’s DigitalFSI network, while Coupons.com’s content just got a whole lot more local,” said Steven Gray, COO of Money Mailer Direct Marketing, in a statement.

The companies cited a recent Simmons/Experian study that said the number of people turning to the Web for coupons was 38.6 million in 2008, an increase of 13 million people since 2005.

Money Mailer said its business clients can tap into this portion of the online community searching for savings on the web, while Coupons Inc. is able to populate the sites it serves and its Brandcaster online promotions network with Money Mailer’s offerings of local coupons.

Money Mailer and its network of about 275 franchises across the United States will be actively selling distribution on the Coupons Inc. network as part of its direct marketing services available to businesses locally, regionally and nationally.

Money Mailer will be able to increase its circulation by an average of 20% using the  Coupons Inc. online network.

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