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Joy Allen-Altimare appointed as Saucony’s new CMO

"Joy Allen-Altimare"
“Joy Allen-Altimare”

Joy Allen-Altimare has been appointed the new Chief Marketing Officer of the globally recognized athleisure brand, Saucony. She will oversee international marketing, with responsibilities including brand image, customer strategies, promotions, international expansion, and digital tactics. Allen-Altimare is also expected to contribute to the expansion of the company’s global heritage lifestyle segment.

Griffiths, the Global Brand President of Saucony, has extended a warm welcome to Allen-Altimare. The team is confident in her ability to rejuvenate the brand with her innovative strategies and extensive marketing acumen. Her rich experience and dedication make her a well-fitted leader for the globally known brand, Saucony.

Prior to joining Saucony, Allen-Altimare worked in significant roles at major companies. Her roles included Chief Revenue Officer of North America at Havas Media Network and Chief Marketing Officer at Kindbody.

Introducing Saucony’s new CMO, Joy Allen-Altimare

She also held the position of Senior Vice President of Client Services and Media Strategy at Eyeview, followed by Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Trellie.

In her new role, Allen-Altimare expressed excitement to join the Saucony team. She cited the brand’s potential and its commitment to diversity, inclusion, equality, and environmental sustainability as motivators. She looks forward to fostering Saucony’s reputation and initiating transformative change for the wider running and sneaker industry.

Allen-Altimare’s appointment occurs during a financial downturn for Saucony’s parent company, Wolverine Worldwide. Despite setbacks, the company’s performance surpassed predictions. CEO Chris Hufnagel has created a plan aimed at reviving sales and profitability. A successful execution could potentially reverse the company’s fortunes.

Allen-Altimare’s leadership in the sports and outdoor sector is projected to bolster Wolverine Worldwide’s recovery plan. Her appointment reflects Saucony’s commitment to diversity, equality, and sustainability, and symbolizes a strategic shift towards stimulating innovative change within the brand and broader sneaker industry.

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