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Gurls Talk rebrands for better mental health outreach

"Rebranded Outreach"
“Rebranded Outreach”

Gurls Talk, an advocate for young female mental health and wellbeing, has recently undergone a major rebranding to better represent its decade-long dedication. With a new logo, refreshed identity, and revamped website, this rebrand reflects the organization’s commitment to promoting mental health discussions and fostering an inclusive, interactive space for young women worldwide. The rebrand embraces the vibrant and diverse scope of the Gurls Talk community.

The enhanced interface aims to boost user interaction and accessibility, improving the website’s performance and simplifying navigation. Gurls Talk intends to strengthen its digital presence via this rebrand, aligning its mission of empowering young women with its outreach efforts.

This new aesthetic strikes a balance between unique creativity and traditional ideas, set against the backdrop of a pandemic. Designer Tanya Salami explains how the restrictions of lockdown led to intensive creative discussions and brainstorming, resulting in a design that deviates from established norms and heralds the potential of uninhibited creativity.

Adding to this, strategy director Giuliana Mazzetta speaks of Gurls Talk’s evolution over the past decade and its aspiration to become a leading figure in the sphere of mental health.

Gurls Talk’s rebranding for improved outreach

She emphasizes the need to normalize and encourage dialogues about mental health, a pivotal aspect of the rebrand. The goal is not only to exist but also to have a positive impact, thereby illustrating the importance of mental health matters.

The rebranding began with a strategic review of Gurls Talk’s core values of courage, hope, honesty, and creating safe spaces. A new logo and a user-focused strategy for the website remodel were implemented to visually embody these values. Added elements like illustrations and graphics introduced a touch of warmth and personality that resonates across both old and new community members.

As a noteworthy step forward in Gurls Talk’s mission to amplify female voices and foster dialogue, the rebranding rounds off with the successful integration of the revised logo and other visual elements across all digital platforms and physical branding materials.

In an added touch, a calligrapher was brought in to create a unique wordmark reminiscent of teenage diaries. This clever design move brings into play both a sense of nostalgia and distinctiveness, deeply resonating with the brand’s target audience of young women.

Overall, this rebrand cautiously links Gurls Talk’s respected past with its bright future. It reaffirms the organization’s dedication to the mental health and wellbeing of girls and young women globally, and its heartfelt aim to shape a world where every young woman can thrive mentally and emotionally.

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