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Gurls Talk rebrand elevates mental health advocacy

"Elevated Advocacy"
“Elevated Advocacy”

Gurls Talk, the renowned mental health resource repository, has recently undergone a significant rebrand. This overhaul was carried out by an innovative, multi-disciplinary graphic design team, focused on enhancing the platform’s image and injecting a fresh, modernized look. The rebrand underscores the ethos of mental health advocacy, capturing the organization’s dynamic essence with stimulating colors and bold textures.

Since its inception in 2015 by Adwoa Aboah, an activist, model and actress, Gurls Talk has become a vital support and knowledge center for young girls. The rebrand includes a revamped logo and updated website, intended to increase user engagement and outreach. The updated website features a new message board to foster open conversations on sensitive topics such as mental health, self-care, and body image. The rebrand aims to ensure its relevance and resonance with contemporary youth culture.

The rebranding was a collaboration between Gurls Talk and a design team with a diverse cultural background, including Spain, Philippines, and Mexico. These artists used their unique perspectives and cultural heritage to offer distinct design elements.

Rebranding Gurls Talk: Elevating mental health advocacy

Their work not only challenges societal norms but also brings marginalized narratives to the forefront, using design as a powerful medium for social change and inclusivity.

Each decision in the redesign process was carefully considered to reflect the brand’s core values and ethos. As well as enhancing the platform’s visual identity, the rebranding involved restructuring of internal processes to ensure an effective translation of the brand philosophy into actions.

This new identity breathes fresh life into Gurls Talk, providing a renewed momentum for future initiatives. Director of Strategy, Giuliana Mazzetta, guided this transformation with a vision of making Gurls Talk a global leader in the mental health sector. Key updates included a fresh logo, color scheme, and website layout to enable easy navigation and interaction for its diverse users.

The rebranding project prioritized not only the look and feel, but also the messaging and resource content. The organization is committed to continuous innovation and improvement, with the rebranding being a crucial part of this journey. Furthermore, every aspect of the project was meticulously curated to strengthen the Gurls Talk brand image and bolster its connection with its community members.

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