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Good engages readers with hometown tourism contest

Good, a magazine focused on community activism, is holding a contest to encourage reader engagement and bolster the magazine’s presence in smaller communities across the nation.


The contest, outlined on the back page of the bi-monthly’s July/August issue, asks readers to create tourism videos for their hometowns. All entries will be posted on the Good Web site, and the winner receives the added perk of two free JetBlue tickets to any domestic location.


Good has always been about making sure that its marketing is as creative as its content and editorial,” said Liza Vadnai, director of marketing for Good. “We’re reaching an engaged, targeted group of young thought leaders, so it’s less about traditional marketing methods like direct mail and more about giving opportunities for engagement and being a platform for creativity. This audience wants to participate and we try to give them as many opportunities to do so as possible.”


Good readers have a median age of 31, average household income of $100,000 and are 63% female, according to the magazine’s online media kit. It has a guaranteed rate base of 40,500.


The contest is expected to promote the Good brand in new cities and neighborhoods, as part of larger company push to improve the magazine’s impact at a local level. Good executives have been building local footholds through partnerships, work with community non-profits and an events series, and PR for the contest is being directed at neighborhood blogs.


The tourism video contest is Good‘s latest push for user-generated content: the back page of every issue outlines a creative user project. Moving forward, Good will offer more frequent creative opportunities online, to get users more engaged in the site.

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