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From blockbuster manager to successful early learning leader

Blockbuster Learning
Blockbuster Learning

A Journey from Blockbuster to Early Learning

Tessa Holloway, originally from Irwinville, transitioned from managing a Blockbuster store to running a successful child care center in Port Allen. With zero initial experience in early education but a strong dedication towards her children, she filled a significant gap in affordable, high-quality child care in her area.

Despite the steep learning curve, Holloway was relentless. She embraced the unfamiliarity, invested endless hours into understanding child development and early education. As an entrepreneur, educator, and mother, every day was a learning opportunity that led to establishing a well-structured and nurturing center for children.

Conquering Challenges to Success

Eventually, after overcoming numerous hurdles, her tireless efforts paid off. Parents started recognizing the safe, supportive environment at her center. Today, Holloway is more than a successful entrepreneur; she is a community stalwart leading the way for accessible childcare services.

After eighteen years in the field, Holloway, now a leader in early learning, created an encouraging and effective learning environment for young children. She does not only focus on academics but also emphasizes social, emotional, and physical development – a holistic approach that contributed to her success.

Transitioning to early education leadership

A Testament to Growth and Success

Holloway’s endeavor, Kidz Karousel, significantly expanded over the years to include eight branches in Louisiana. Each branch stays committed to providing superior child education. The substantial growth not only represents its climbing popularity but also the trust parents have put into this enterprise.

In addition to multiple locations, Kidz Karousel services are available at our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, and an elementary school in Scotlandville. This extension of service symbolizes their capability to reach different demographics, proving the versatility of Kidz Karousel’s offerings.

Innovation and Impact

Kidz Karousel stands prominent as the largest Black-owned private early learning center in the state. Offering custom-designed programs for children as young as six weeks, Holloway’s commitment to nurturing young minds from earliest stages is self-evident.

Tessa Holloway’s journey underscores the courage and resilience required to venture into new territories, and with an unwavering passion for lifelong early learning, she has undeniably influenced the industry. Her story not only inspires those daring to dream but also illustrates the transformative power of education, highlighting the endless potential of a well-nurtured mind.

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