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Former Apple TV+ marketing head Ricky Strauss resigns

"Apple TV+ Resignation"
“Apple TV+ Resignation”

Ricky Strauss, the former Head of Marketing for Apple TV+, has confirmed his resignation after a 16-month stint. An Apple spokesperson verified this information, but no details about his possible replacement have been revealed. Strauss was responsible for marketing campaigns, promotional activities, and advertising for Apple TV+.

Tor Myhren, Vice President of Marketing Communication for Apple, lauded Strauss for his creative and dedicated approach to the role. He particularly underscored Strauss’s ability to maintain consistent brand messaging and strong market positioning.

Before his tenure at Apple, Strauss had an impressive career at Disney. He held major roles, such as the President of Content and Marketing for Disney+, and contributed significantly to the successful 2019 launch of Disney’s streaming service. He also served as the President of Programming for Hulu and Disney+.

Ricky Strauss exits Apple TV+ marketing role.

At Apple, he capitalized on this experience to drive the growth and success of Apple TV+.

During his time at Disney, his strategic oversight led to the success of franchises like “Star Wars” and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as animated features like “Incredibles 2” and “Moana. His strategic leadership and his ability to create innovative marketing initiatives fostered the Disney brand’s global entertainment dominance.

In addition to his work at Disney, Strauss once held a leadership role at Participant Media, renowned for producing Oscar-winning films such as “The Help” and “An Inconvenient Truth.” Despite its eventual dissolution, the company holds a significant legacy within the film industry for its sharp focus on initiating social change through film and television.

With Strauss’s departure from Apple confirmed, speculation about his future endeavors arises. The details of these pursuits remain unconfirmed. Irrespective of his departure, his significant impact on the entertainment industry can’t be ignored. His innovative strategies and deep understanding of the landscape have left an indelible mark on Apple TV+, Disney, and Participant Media.

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