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Five Careers in Marketing: Description and Pay

careers in marketing

The marketing industry is incredibly broad, one can do anything from collecting research to designing magazine covers. This broad horizon for potential careers in marketing is a benefit if you are not yet sure where you fit in, but so many options can also be overwhelming. If you relate to this and need some direction on potential marketing careers, keep reading.

1. Brand Marketing Manager

The average salary is about $70,000. A brand marketing manager is in charge of curating and maintaining every aspect of the brand. A brand manager’s job involves both the creative and strategic sides of marketing as well as the research, and analytical sides of marketing. Therefore, if you identify your personality and skill set as being somewhere in the middle of the left and right sides of the brain, this could be the perfect career to follow.

A brand marketing manager is typically going to need to have a Bachelor’s degree in the business or communications realm with a couple of years of relevant industry experience.

2. Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst is one of the most important jobs in the field of marketing today. This means they are in high demand and can earn competitive wages. The average salary for this position is approximately $65,000. Market research analysts are responsible for digesting all of the complex primary and secondary research into clear, concise reports that strategists can then turn into insights.

3. Marketing Strategist

Marketing strategists are the ultimate middlemen between research and creativity within marketing. The median salary for this position is roughly $80,000. Their job is to take reports from the research analysts and develop insights that can eventually form the basis of campaigns. They find the bigger picture based on the research in order to hone in on the overlap between the consumer’s needs and what the brand/product has to offer.

Marketing strategists are quick thinkers and great brainstormers. They are creative enough to think of innovative ideas that can be turned into strong campaign designs, but they are also organized thought leaders that know how to take clear paths of action. If this sounds like your personality, this just might be the right career path for you.

4. Public Relations Specialist

One of the most exciting jobs today within marketing is a public relations specialist. This career is great for someone with an extroverted personality who knows how to deliver just what the client and the consumers want. Typically, their median salary is about $60,000. They have excellent people skills and are very organized. They manage how the brand is perceived by the consumer by coordinating with the media, working on social media, writing press releases, and more. Public relations specialists must be strong writers that know how to communicate in effective ways. Ways that stand out to the everyday consumer and make brands look good. They handle high-pressure situations well and can work quickly. Overall, a public relations specialist is responsible for everything relating to brand image.

5. Copywriter and Graphic Designer

Copywriters and graphic designers are essential careers in the marketing industry. Their creative work is what makes the research and insight strategy come alive. On average, copywriters make about $60,000 in salary, and graphic designers make about $50,000. Because copywriters and graphic designers often work alone on their individual projects, these careers are probably ideal for introverted people who like working by themselves. These careers also require an extremely high amount of patience and attention to detail. They have highly technical skills such as AP style writing and grammar knowledge, and design software, such as Adobe.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. However, it highlights some of the basic areas of marketing and specific jobs within them. Hopefully, you can use it to guide you through your job career exploration.

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