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Entrepreneur Jennifer Brogee shares journey in memoir

"Entrepreneur Journey"
“Entrepreneur Journey”

Jennifer Brogee, a renowned entrepreneur and founder of The Meeting Place, has recently released a memoir detailing her two-decade career in the Rust Belt. Faced with economic downturns and the COVID-19 pandemic, Brogee’s memoir offers an insightful narrative of triumph over adversity.

Established in 2002, The Meeting Place has become a cornerstone of downtown Lima, successfully competing against large franchises like Starbucks and Biggby. Brogee’s memoir provides her unique insights into this journey, highlighting the significance of carving out a unique niche in business by leveraging unique capabilities such as high-quality ingredients, excellent customer service, and community involvement.

Brogee attributes her success to strategic adjustments rather than over-exertion to outdo competitors. As shared in her memoir, she used her software skills to expand beyond coffee, opening an Etsy store and refining her products based on customer feedback. The choice to incorporate eco-friendly practices also contributed to her thriving business, attracting environmentally conscious consumers.

An innovative move by Brogee was using unused space at the back of the cafe.

Brogee’s strategic journey in entrepreneurship

By turning this area into a workspace for entrepreneurs and remote workers, she provided additional customer benefits and fostered a vibrant community within the cafe.

In her memoir, Brogee holds an optimistic outlook for downtown Lima’s future. She observes a revival of city pride over recent years, with local businesses playing a crucial part in this process. Despite the improvements, she emphasizes the necessity for continuous efforts to sustain the city’s prosperity.

Titled “Can Social Entrepreneurship Work in the Rust Belt? A Mom, a Dream, and a Declining Downtown,” Brogee’s memoir is published by Lived Places Publishing and is available for purchase in The Meeting Place on Market and online. It forms part of an anthology of autobiographical stories by different entrepreneurs, providing motivation and insight into the power of the entrepreneurial spirit.

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