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Downtown Sacramento’s resilience amid soaring costs

Sacramento Resilience
Sacramento Resilience

Downtown Sacramento is witnessing a transformation in its business landscape due to soaring costs. Some businesses like Kodiako Ramen and Bar manage to survive by adjusting their prices, while others, such as the historic Tower Cafe, couldn’t endure the financial stress and had to close down.

However, amid this shift, new businesses are coming up, showcasing downtown Sacramento’s resilience and growth potential. The city is aiding local businesses through funding schemes and tax benefits. This dynamic shift shows the adaptability of Sacramento’s entrepreneurs and promises a bright future for the city’s economy.

Solomon’s Vinyl Diner, an integral part of the city’s music and culinary scene, has closed due to factors like pandemic-related losses, lowered foot traffic, and inflating labor and food costs. Yet, the owners express their deep gratitude for the support they enjoyed over the years and harbor hopes of a potential revival in a sustainable format someday.

Several Starbucks outlets have ceased operations in the town for undisclosed reasons.

Sacramento’s adaptability amidst rising costs

However, they have offered the staff an option to relocate to other branches, preventing unemployment due to the closures.

Central City welcomed 31 million visitors in the past year, which is still 20 percent less than pre-pandemic levels. The city faces the mammoth task of attracting more tourists to boost the local businesses and rejuvenate the economy.

Scott Ford, Deputy Director of Downtown Sacramento Partnership, envisages a shift in Downtown Sacramento from an office district to a livable neighborhood. He emphasizes creating residential spaces with everyday amenities to foster a sense of community. He believes that transforming Downtown Sacramento into a vibrant neighborhood could bridge the distance by inviting people from all walks of life.

Despite the ongoing challenges, some areas like concerts and Kings games at the Golden One Center continue to thrive. New ventures like Octopus Peru’s ceviche bar on 9th Street indicates a transformation that will redefine Downtown Sacramento from its pre-2020 state.

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