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Content Strategy for LinkedIn

content strategy for linkedin

LinkedIn has a lot of opportunities for business owners as it helps businesses to connect with customers, meet global partners and attract prospects. For instance, lawyers need not play golf to connect with potential customers—they can connect with them and establish trust with the help of a platform like LinkedIn. LinkedIn also acts as a great networking tool to connect with people with whom it would not always be possible to meet. LinkedIn provides a lot of industry insights. So, it’s crucial to have a content strategy. Below includes some steps to use as growth strategies on LinkedIn.

A powerful tool for connecting with people

A business is about relationships, and every relationship starts with a connection. When connecting to someone via LinkedIn, customize the message for the person. Standard messages should not be used as they might not make a great impression.

It is wise to look at a person’s profile and find something interesting to comment on. The comment can be on an article that they have shared. The message should be about the person and not about the business that is reaching out. There shouldn’t be a direct attempt at selling something as that would ruin any chance of forming a meaningful relationship.

Nurturing a relationship

To build an important relationship, nurturing is important. Share articles that grab the attention of connections on LinkedIn. Resources that a business does not own can also be shared as that does not come across as being blatantly promotional.

LinkedIn is also a great way to introduce people to each other, people who would benefit from knowing each other. Nurturing helps to build trust with a network. Once you build trust, a person potentially becomes a customer or a collaboration partner. The conventional sales script should never be used, it is better to be helpful and not pushy. Any business relationship formed on LinkedIn should be kept alive by checking in occasionally and being helpful.

Join groups

LinkedIn groups are a great way to meet potential customers and like-minded people. It is always wise to join LinkedIn groups that the audience is in for your content strategy. While joining a group, a business should be careful that it does not spam members. On the other hand, it can demonstrate its expertise by adding value and people will automatically flock toward it.

A business can also start its own group. An advantage of running a group is that a business can send a message to the entire group once a week. You need clarity on the purpose of the group. Who is the group meant for? What type of content do users share with the group? Give thought to what type of useful conversation helps members of the group.

Run LinkedIn events

If a business runs events or webinars, share them on LinkedIn and set up business updates. Invite connections on LinkedIn. People who attend events can also invite their own networks to attend. This would increase the reach of a business to a wider audience.

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