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Companies’ Investments in Email Marketers Vary Widely [Infographic]

Gender can influence how marketers target consumers, but is it affecting how much they’re paid, too? 

According to recent data from Only Influencers, a community of email marketing professionals, the median salary for male email marketers is $15,000 higher than the median salary is for female email marketers. Indeed, the median salary for men is $90,000, but only $75,000 for women. There’s an even greater gap when comparing the top ends of each gender’s salary range. While the salary range for male email marketers spans from $17,250 to $300,000, the salary range for female email marketers extends from $28,000 to $200,000. That’s a $100,000 difference in high-end salaries.

There are also disparities when comparing the salaries of email marketers in client, consultant, and vendor companies. According to the report, the median salary for client-side email marketers is $74,000; however, this figure jumps up to $95,000 and $107,000 for consultant and vendor respondents, respectively.

Want to see how your company’s salaries add up? Check out the infographic below. 

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