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Behold the Marketing Buzzwords of 2016

The “cultural intelligence agency” that sounds like an organic skin care line, Sparks & Honey, got 800,000 views of its 2015 A-Z Cultural Glossary last year. So what’s a smooth and silky agency to do? Do it again, of course. You can check out the full list here, but we broke out some buzzwords every marketer should have at the ready to sound en vogue in 2016.

App security: Apps will be a soft spot for data breaches. Companies will scrutinize protection policies more closely and make bigger investments in security programs.

BCI: Yes, Mr. Asimov, it’s happening. We’ll be hearing more about Brain-Computer-Interface, or collaboration between a device and a human brain. Video games are a no-brainer, but can programmatic occipital lobe advertising be far behind?

Biased algorithms: Do human engineers insert their biases inside their algorithms? Carnegie Mellon University researchers found that Google showed more ads for top-earning jobs to men than to women. Binary code becomes politicized.

Blockchain: The software that drives Bitcoin transactions will work its way into the mainstream to manage package deliveries and data transfers.

Darty: The day party, a daylight occasion for getting your drink on, darties on! We’re not sure of the marketing implications. Just thought you’d want to know.

Device mesh: The connective tissue between mobile, wearable, home, and auto devices. It promises to be the “thing” to advance the Internet of Things.

EH: Can digital marketing kill? Electomagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome, or EH, is a real condition among people who suffer nausea, headaches, and fatigue when exposed to Wi-Fi.

FOLO: Fear of living offline. ‘Nuff said.

Frictionless design: Design that unites physical, virtual, and electronic environments. (Those of you still trying to figure out responsive design can save this one for 2018.)

Graphene: It’s 200 times stronger than steel and nearly transparent. For now it’s in the realm of bioengineers, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s in your smartphone.

ASMR: Autonomous sensor meridian response is the geek’s verbal justification of sound porn (sounds such as a light breeze or whispering). The “Sounds That Feel Good” page has 88,000 subscribers on Reddit. Could it be 2016’s answer to subliminal advertising?

Scientific serendipity: The most lauded example of this is Viagra, scientific accidents that occur when scientists seek one thing and find another. Alas, serendipity is now being drained of all its meaning and becoming codified. Expect more “planned serendipity” gambits like Birchbox in 2016.

Visual search: Pinterest is pioneering this with a tool that lets you select the part of a pin that interests you and then shows you more pins containing similar images.

Wi-Fi Aura: MIT researchers used wireless signals to see a person’s silhouette through a wall. Privacy advocates and digital security firms alike should have a ball with this one.

Memorize these buzzwords now and bluff or bore your way through tonight’s countdown party. (Unless you’re already celebrating with a darty.) Have a Serendipitous New Year!

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