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Annual Shareholders Meeting: BBVA’s upward growth following U.S. exit

"Upward Growth"
“Upward Growth”

At the recent Annual Shareholders Meeting in Bilbao, Spain, BBVA’s Chairman Carlos Torres Vila gave an optimism-filled outline about the bank’s development.

BBVA’s share value has been changing positively due to the exit from their U.S. operations and a stronger business reach in Mexico.

One exceptional stride made by the bank is the successful removal from its U.S. activities, which had a favorable impact on its share value. Additionally, the bank’s broader business reach in Mexico has positively influenced its market position, contributing significantly to its overall performance.

The bank is on a robust growth trajectory that aims to continue in the coming years, providing increased value to its shareholders and fortifying its global presence.

This upward development has strengthened BBVA’s position in the highly competitive banking sector. Now, they are in a position to compete confidently with big rivals like Santander.

In the face of falling rates, bank officials remain optimistic about their institution’s abilities to succeed, largely due to their solid financial policies and prudent business practices. The bank has a strong commitment to customer service and an extensive range of banking products, which form a solid platform for success.

Sinopec, also known as China Petroleum & Chemical Corp, saw an approximate 9.9% drop in net profit in 2023.

BBVA’s growth post-U.S. operations exit

This was mainly due to falling oil and gas prices. However, the resurgence in fuel demand could potentially provide relief.

Despite the dip in profits, the constant demand for petroleum products and Sinopec’s role as one of China’s largest oil and gas producers may contribute towards its sustained economic stability. This, however, highlights the need for strategic planning to navigate the fluctuating market dynamics.

The banking sector remains active, with banks like BBVA leading the competition. Banks are closely monitoring regulatory changes and geopolitical risks and are keen on diversifying their services and leveraging technology to meet their customers’ evolving demands.

This article was curated by Jesús Aguado, with insights from Lucy Raitano. Tommy Reggiori Wilkes and Alexander Smith thoroughly reviewed and edited it.

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